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Thread: Adverts contact spam is real problem

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    Adverts contact spam is real problem

    Hi everyone,

    Maybe some of you are having the same problem or some of you might of possibly came up with a solution.

    I have test ads on my site and most days I am getting contact ad owner form spam.

    If this is happening to me then it's also happening to other members/advertisiers on my site.

    What can we do to improve this?

    A lot of it has jumbled up text and links.

    I bought a website contact form last year and that detects jumbled text and blocks it. - very simple but works.
    It also blocks http:// which is used mostly in spam but does let the www. links through.

    Do we really need to allow links for contact?

    Would it be easy to make my other form processor work with classipress? and how would I do this?

    I would prefer not to use my own form script as others must be having this problem and we could do with a group solution because before long everybodys site will be spam magnets once they know what to look for to find classipress websites.

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