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Thread: Changing location for ads. How to make it relevant to location, such as cities, etc.

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    Changing location for ads. How to make it relevant to location, such as cities, etc.

    Ok so the default options for the location when placing ads are virtually irrelevant for anybody that buys the theme. What does a person need to do to customise the location menus. When a person creates an ad, I don't want them to have to sift through all the countries. If I'm located in the united states, and my target market for the site is in the USA that's all I want them to be able to select, or better yet, not even have to choose a country I would prefer. Next, since I'm in the United States, I need to have a list of cities for them to choose from. Hypothetically lets say Im located in Arizona. I want it to be easy for them, a simple list of cities within the state, Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, etc. as their only options. Having them sift through a huge list of countries is a waste of time and looks terrible on our part. Is this all done by creating a custom form? Also, I want them to be able to include a phone number. IF this is all a custom form, what's the next step in getting the custom form integrated into the site. I create a custom form, what's the process for deleting the default, and getting this new one loaded in?
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