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Thread: E-Mails are being sent sometimes

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    E-Mails are being sent sometimes

    I have a pretty fresh install of Classipress. I have three plug-in's installed, all AppThemes, Mapquest, Confirm Email, and Classipress Ribbons. When I test register a user with Confirm Email activated, I never get an email to confirm my email address. When I deactivate the Confirm Email plug-in, I sometimes get an email thanking me for registering. Also when I post an ad, I sometimes get an email saying that the ad is waiting for approval. I registered an email address 20 minutes ago and I have received nothing, yet a different email address I register right before I got a welcome email within minutes if not seconds.

    I've tried different scenarios to try to figure out what is causing the emails to be sent or not. I haven't come up with anything that seems to be a permanent fix other than deactivating Confirm Email to get an email sent sometimes.

    I just noticed that I also have never received any email to the Admin email when a new ad is submitted.

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