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Thread: Feature Listing Slide Not Working

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    Feature Listing Slide Not Working

    Samcy, I wish I could edit my previous post but that thread is now closed.

    I was able to replicate the problem - i.e., bring it back, then resolve it. I better understand the problem (but not why). It really has nothing to do with the ad title length, as I had thought.

    I had to activate the ClassiPress theme - that resolved it!

    However, it also removed my icons for the ad categories that I had worked so hard to create. So, there is something funky in that code or groups of .php files that broke the Features Listing function. I will settle for NOT having the icons by the ad categories, until the function is built into the program natively. One day I will play with it and see if I get lucky, but not today.

    Perhaps someone like Moshin will post the full and proper code that allows both functions (icons with ad categories and the feature listing) to work - then, and only then, will I even bother to implement it. Thanks for all your assistance.

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