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Thread: Footer Subcategory Setup

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    Footer Subcategory Setup


    I have ClassiPress and I realize that there are (4) areas in which footer topics default to.
    I also understand that by going to Admins > appearance > Widget > and opening up the Footer drop down on the right, I am able to drag and drop any of the included widgets into the Footer sidebar.

    My question is:
    How do I include subcategories of written text information into the footer box?
    For example - I would like to create something like the following:
    About Us
    Mission Statement
    Terms of Service
    Contact Us

    The tutorial video on Headers and Footers actually shows the narrator dragging in a widget that is titled "About Us," however; I am unable to find such a widget.

    I have read about "Pages" and how it can be used for writing text information on specific topics, such as those listed above, however; I do not understand how to create such a function in the noted setting.

    Can you tell me how to accomplish this?

    Thank you very much.

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