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Thread: I Just Spent A Three-Day Weekend With ClassiPress 3.0!

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    I Just Spent A Three-Day Weekend With ClassiPress 3.0!

    My first impression of ClassiPress 3.0 was like, oh, bummer! Honestly, at first glance I didn't see a lot of improvement since version 2.93. I started to just trash it and look for an alternate solution to buy. I guess that tells you that I really, really didn't like th last release.

    Then I decided to dig a little deeper into the 3.0 code and much to my surprise here I am 72 hours later completely impressed and totally satisfied with ClassiPress 3.0.

    I wanted my ClassiPress template layout to look like this one presented on this page:

    viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2510&p=10884&hilit=style#p108 84

    Does anyone know how to set the layout like this?

    I'm about to download and read more about the jcarousel from this link:

    Hopefully, that will tell me how to "manipulate" the featured listings in the carousel.

    One last question... does anybody know how to get the "Popular" listings into the sidebar with the small thumbnails like you see in the sample layout that I linked to above?

    Oh yeah, I don't like the inability to use the "permalink" feature in WordPress to give my ad pages an extension, such as .html. Anybody know a solution to this issue?

    On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give ClassiPress 3.0 a "9" simply because most of the issues I have will eventually be corrected in minor updates. However, the CSS is "still" a monster to deal with and that cost it a point, i.e., a carry over from the previous version of ClassiPress.

    Honestly, I did a three (3) day autopsy on ClassiPress 3.0... I love it and it will get better!

    One (1) Bug To Report: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=2650

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    Re: I Just Spent A Three-Day Weekend With ClassiPress 3.0!

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