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Thread: Keeping it real simple - using Ad Packs Only - can I ??????????????

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    Keeping it real simple - using Ad Packs Only - can I ??????????????

    One of Parent Categories with be SERVICERS.

    Another Parent Category will be ITEMS FOR SALE.

    I will create 2 different Ad Packs, 1 for each category.

    Is it possible for me to make it so that people advertising in SERVICERS seciton only see the ad pack for that section? Ditto for the ITEMS FOR SALE section - I only want them to see the ad pack for that section.

    In other words, when someone gets ready to advertise in the SERVICERS I dont want the ad pack for ITEMS FOR SALE to be shown. Can I do this without hiring a developer?

    I've got a feeling, that all ad packs are shown for every category, when one has not restricted certain categories by requiring membership.

    Could someone please confirm my suspicions?

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