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Thread: No Email Notification to Comment Replies

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    No Email Notification to Comment Replies

    Hi Appthemes,

    Great theme guys!

    Our classifieds website has been live only 48 hours and we already have hundreds of happy members and a site overflowing with ads.

    Classipress has coped really well with this loading and we've had a lot of excellent feedback about how easy it is to use.

    But as you'd expect with all these keen test drivers there have been a number of glitches uncovered.

    I'll put these in individual threads for the benefit of other users.

    But one that could do with an immediate fix is:

    No Email Notification to Comment Replies

    Posters or ad listers receive an email notification when someone comments (aka. posts a question) below their ad. That's great. Sensible and useful feature.
    However when the poster responds to this comment/question the commenter DOES NOT receive a notification that the question has been replied to.

    I really hope this is an oversight on my part and you can help me find the solution in the theme settings.
    Sadly I'm afraid it may be a limitation of the current theme.
    If that's the case then please consider it as an important inclusion in future upgrades and perhaps you can direct me to a thread with a coding solution.

    Probably don't move this to general discussion (to wordy). Let me know and I'll submit a much briefer post there.

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