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Thread: Preventing/limiting fake ads on free-to-post site

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    Preventing/limiting fake ads on free-to-post site

    I am hosting a site running ClassiPress. The client has had a lot of success by offering free listings and then selling advertising space on the site.

    Recently he is having a larger number of fake ads, where people are selling stuff that isn't theirs, etc.

    We have anti-spam in place and that's working well. This is different, it appears to be real humans that are posting bogus information, and that is very hard to track.

    The client is asking me about 2FA or other tactics that might help deter the placing of these fake ads. Does ClassiPress offer a two-factor authentication option, and if so, would that be helpful for this type of behavior? Are there any other suggestions that would help us limit fake listings while still remaining a free-to-post site?

    Thankful for any suggestions or guidance. Thank you.

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