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Thread: Problem with Membership and fixed pricing model

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    Problem with Membership and fixed pricing model

    I have my site setup with a fixed pricing model. We want our customers to choose:
    1. a yearly membership plan (unlimited ads for 365 days) - $295.50 per year
    2. a monthly membership plan (Unlimited ads for 30 days) - $39.50 per month
    3. a sponsored ad (1 ad monthly- $150 (ad pack)

    When a customer registers, they are given the membership options.
    Yearly membership plan is selected, paid for, and an ad is placed, but then when the customer comes back to place another ad, the sponsored ad pack is on top of the drop-down menu and the customer is being charged for a sponsored ad. There is not way to deselect it.

    I've tried to delete the ad pack, but as I understand it, you need to have an ad pack for a fixed price model and I get an error message.

    I can change the model to category, but then can I use the membership choices that I have now; the monthly or yearly memberships? Do I put in the $39.50 in each category? Will the customer be charged $39.50 for each ad they place even though they have a membership?

    Please help.

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