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Thread: Site seems to be running 24 hours ahead...

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    Site seems to be running 24 hours ahead...

    Hi all

    Is there anyone who can help me with this please?? Essentially after running more tests on a standard install with latest WP and JR 1.5.1 I am still having issues with the expiry.

    What happens is this -
    I set up several test jobs with a free period.
    But the timing on these jobs seems to be out. e.g. When I create a job for 6 day listing using a job pack set for 6 days, on the front end the jobs instantly say 5 days remaining. If I set up a 2 day job, it instantly says on the front end, 1 day remaining.

    All time settings I have access to in WP and JR are set correctly in admin and the hosting company say this is not the issue, but they won't help me any further.

    Although the job says it expires in 5 days, the email telling me that the job will expire in 5 days comes to me at the correct time, but the job then says 4 days remaining.

    I also receive the email saying the job expires in 1 day, but at this point the job states on the front end that it has expired. The job is still Active (not greyed out) and it finally greys out (becomes inactive) at the right time on the right day etc.

    I do not receive an email stating that the job has expired and the job that has expired remains marked as Published on my Main admin list of jobs, i.e. it doesn't change to draft or expired on the admin system so I just see a list of jobs that all say published

    Looking at it from the user perspective everything seems pretty correct except they don't get the expired email and the job says a day less than it should remaining and says expired the day before it actually has.

    Hope all this makes sense and someone can help.

    I have swapped hosting 3 times now and each time had different issues.

    If it helps, my test site is at

    Many thanks

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