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Thread: Redirect loop with home page and registration page

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    Redirect loop with home page and registration page

    I am trying to fix some redirection issues with a site using Vantage and am experience a very stubborn redirect loop on the homepage and on the registration page. I found this: which I had hoped might solve the problem but the fix did not work although it is entirely possible that the site title had capital letters at some point. I have tried several things including:
    • refreshing the permalinks
    • clearing and resetting the htaccess
    • defining the home and site url in wp-config
    • deleting the rewrite rules in the options table

    I've also added
    PHP Code:
    remove_action'wp_login''va_redirect_to_front_page' );
    remove_action'app_login''va_redirect_to_front_page' ); 
    to the function.php in a child theme to see if that helps. Alas, no

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