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Thread: Jobroller Future

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    Jobroller Future

    2 years and 3 months since last Jobroller update. For those that are with jobroller a long time, it means at least 2 subscriptions renewal to have access to nothing new. This is bad.

    Any plugin at Wordpress depot with this time passed without any update would be considered discountinued.

    The last update was to fix incompatibility wih WP 4.7. Now we are at WP 5.1 version and it was a major update from 4 to 5 !!

    At this time, the jobroller theme DEMO as only WP 4.9.6 so i don't know if WP 5 is even compatible.

    > Also a bunch of childthemes are not updated. Developers promises don't come to live at all.

    Appthemes should remove those themes from marketplace in order to make pressure on developers to keep them updated. But Appthemes is not giving a good example for start.

    Release Status page says Jobroller 1.9.0 General maintenance and Target date: TBD but they all say that. 1month, another year? 2 ?

    Anyone feeling the same?

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