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Thread: JobRoller is now dead to me

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    JobRoller is now dead to me

    For the record, I am pissed. I'm really pissed. I purchased JobRoller plus some add-ons and themes on the promise that I would have some modicum of support for these products, and it wasn't delivered. JobRoller hasn't been updated in over two years. As far as I know it is not GDPR compliant, it isn't secure and it may not be fully compatible with WordPress 5, which has since been updated 3, count 'em, three times since it was released, and still no update to JobRoller!

    One of the child themes they sold in their marketplace was buggy, and they refused to refund me for it, or even respond for my pleas for consideration of one. Sure, they were happy to take my money, but after that, it was crickets.

    The moderator on this sorry excuse for a support forum has even tried to communicate with these clowns to find out what the hell is going on, with apparently no success.

    I am pissed!

    This company seems to have a reputation for not supporting its customers. They are based in the the nut case city of San Francisco (it figures) and boast that "Our goal is to build high-quality products that are affordable and easy to setup for businesses of all sizes." That part may be true, but that is where the fairy tale ends. The truth is, once you've sent them your money and downloaded the product, you are essentially on your own. Good luck, because you're going to need it.

    I had to shut down everything on my site except the automated third party job feeds and disable the ability to create user accounts because I cannot guarantee it is GDPR compliant. I cannot update to WordPress 5 because JobRoller may not be compatible with it. In other words, my web site is potentially vulnerable and completely worthless, thanks to AppThemes. I have since renounced Appthemes as an affiliate, and will shut down my site.

    I have planned a live stream event during the last week of January 2019 to inform the patrons of my site of my decision to shut it down, and specifically naming AppThemes as the reason why. In addition, I may even consult with my attorney to consider possible options against AppThemes for breach of promise regarding their commitment to provide updates the JobRoller theme for my site.

    Anyone who wants to purchase JobRoller does so at his or her own risk.
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