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Thread: No translation for "edit-resume" possible?

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    No translation for "edit-resume" possible?

    Hi folks,

    I already read a lot of posts regarding problems with "edit-resumes" but I couldnt find a solution for my weird problem...

    Im using Codestyling Localization tool and had everything working fine until I found out that "edit-resumes" is the only site that its not "translatable"

    Even If I give translation to it it remains all langugaes...I also tried to use Transposh and same effect/error. I can translate all pages BUT NOT "edit resumes"...when I click on edit translation on Transposh tool it redirects to my Dashboard.

    I also deactivated plugins, still the same...and YES I updated mo files in Codestyling Localization Plugin...

    I depend on multilangugae tools and it would be terrible if i have to uninstall JobRoller because of such a stupid thing.

    Maybe anyone can help me out on this mess?


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