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Thread: JobSuggest doesn't filter

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    JobSuggest doesn't filter

    Hi! We have jobsuggest, typeright and user locator plugin installed on our website. The problems are:
    1) when you are in search job pages and go to different page that the first (we have almost 200 job postings, so they can't be placed on one page, so we use paging option), JobSuggest plugin stops to suggest any jobs, while user is typing it's names. Dropdown menu appears only on first page of search. How it should be fixed?

    2) it user selects the city to search (either using typeright plugin, either user locator plugin), Job suggest plugin suggest every job posting that is available in all cities, so it doesn't "look for city", selected in ciety-field search. We need that JobSuggest suggest only job posting which are relevant to location, that user inserts. How we can handle this?

    Thanks in advance!

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