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Thread: Kupon theme after upgrading Clipper version (1.4 to 1.5)

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    Kupon theme after upgrading Clipper version (1.4 to 1.5)

    Hi Everyone,

    I operated with Kupon with Clipper 1.4 and upgraded to version 1.5 using the coupon update plugin. Need your assistant on few issues found:

    1. Menu
    A. Blog link was removed, additional if redirecting to the direct link ( - Blog is not reachable
    B. Categories and Stores links (part of Kupon settings) do not show and redirect to instead
    2. Share links - link does not open social media div (facebook, twitter, etc..) and
    3. New coupons (coupon list)
    A. seem to have css issues causing coupon list showing garbled
    B. Getting page not found when browsing to Page 2 and up
    C. Some images are not shown
    4. Hide coupon codes - checked but still showing

    How do I roll back this release? It looks Kupon is not supporting Clipper 1.5.

    You can contact me:

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