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Thread: Import Data Specifications Question & Pointless Forum Lockout Diatribe

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    Import Data Specifications Question & Pointless Forum Lockout Diatribe

    First question is why when I try to post a question in Pre-Sales "without" an account I get this friendly "Here are the similar threads we found" suggesting that you should NOT post this new question without reading the other posts. I AGREE, it would save everyone on both sides of the equation soooooo much time if I could do that. BUT WAIT!!!! When you click on it you can see the question, but not the answer because you are not a "product owner" yet. Chicken or the egg...

    So do you a) think that the questions and answers are "so" valuable you should not show them to prospective clients and you would rather keep answering the same questions over and over and over or b) are you afraid if we read the actual posts and responses we will be scared off from buying the product because the way you have your production information closed off the only way I am really going to find out what this product can actually do is to buy it?

    Personally I don't get it. Most of the products I buy these days you can find all kinds of Q&A straight from Google because it has crawled their product forums which are wide open. Seems like you have something to hide. What is the big deal?

    ANYWAY, got that off my chest. My actual product "Vantage" question is can you tell me in some detail just what the import specifications for Vantage data imports are. I am guessing you need the NAP, how about GEO data? What about other types of listing data, can I configure it? The list goes on and on. The problem I am having is that I really like the shallow surface data you show on your web page but am already frustrated that you don't show any hard underlying specs so I can get a good feel for what it can do and what I need to feed it. I did see a post called "How to import Data" and another listed called "Import Data". They both probably answer ALL my questions but... oh that's right, I am not allowed to read those "yet".. So if you don't mind would you retype all of that for me....


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    To address your concerns about not being able to access the support forums, the answer is really neither of your suggested reasons. The reality is that we do have to deal with situations where individuals have obtained our themes without actually purchasing them from us, and then seek to also gain free support which our customers actually pay for. In fairness to our paying customers, we felt this was the best way to ensure that they're essentially not left paying for something that others are not.

    Ok, so the Vantage .csv import function basically allows you to import data in the form of a .csv format file for importing by default: (title, description, author, date, slug, status, address, phone, facebook, twitter, website, listing_category, listing_tag, lat, lng.) - If you'd like to import more than this, we have some documentation here which explains how you can customize the importer. as a developer you may find this developer documentation part of our site useful also. Thanks.
    Please help our moderating team work more efficiently by not sending us support questions via PM. You can read more about how AppThemes support works here. Thank you.

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