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Thread: Linking two themes to create a single website

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    Linking two themes to create a single website

    I'm wondering if it's possible to establish a website based on more than one theme. For example if my site is called and needs to be built using two themes (e.g.: 'Vantage' and 'Quality Control').

    In home we would have a dialogue which asks users which skin to switch to. Based on the option they choose, either 'Quality Control' or 'Vantage' would be displayed.

    Is it possible?


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    Yes, you could do this by e.g. installing the themes in subdirectories" <== Your Vantage installation <== Your QC installation

    And you'd simply need to use the native WordPress menus function to add a link to the other theme.

    And if using multiple themes you could look at a WordPress multisite setup. Thanks.
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