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Thread: Changing "Sold" to "Expired"

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    Changing "Sold" to "Expired"

    I'm relatively new to Classipress and had set my ads to expire in 30 days, however, for SEO I want them to stay up for a much longer period. I'm also using this site for events and not as a classified ad. So my blog will have posts that have links to certain events which is why I want them to stay up for longer periods of time.

    I just changed my expired date to 365 as a test, but now my question is, instead of marking them sold in the dashboard, can I change the Sold functionality to say "Expired" and remain listed? Essentially I want a word to show that the event has passed and is done. Maybe expired is not the right word (suggestions?). But what do I need to do and where are the changes I would need to make?

    Here is my site: 365 Things To Do Loudoun


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