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Thread: Classipress 3.2 Beta VS 3.1.9

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    Question Classipress 3.2 Beta VS 3.1.9

    Dear all,

    I have just installed classipress 3.2 beta in my wordpress and tried to activate the "HEADLINE" child theme. I contacted the developers who told me that the current version of HEADLINE was not compatible with 3.2 beta but only 3.1.9 of Classipress.

    My question is: since i have already modified lots of things under classipress 3.2 beta can i delete this version and replace it with the 3.1.9 (and thus activate HEADLINE) or do i need to do a back up?

    I'm quite novice and I don't want to delete my current settings just by downgrading classipress...

    Thanks for your answer.

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