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Thread: ClassiPress code contains unnecessary calls to echo

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    ClassiPress code contains unnecessary calls to echo

    This is a little code clean-up suggestion.

    This file...

    ...contains the following code:
    PHP Code:
    // check and make sure images are allowed
    if ( $cp_options->ad_images ) {

        if ( 
    appthemes_plupload_is_enabled() ) {
    appthemes_plupload_form$getad->ID );
        } else {
    $imagecount cp_get_ad_images$getad->ID );
    // print out image upload fields. pass in count of images allowed
    echo cp_ad_edit_image_input_fields$imagecount );
    The author is trying to echo the value returned by the following functions:
    - appthemes_plupload_form (which is defined in: classipress\framework\app-plupload\app-plupload.php)
    - cp_ad_edit_image_input_fields (which is defined in: classipress\includes\functions.php)

    The problem is: neither of those functions returns a value.

    The author can omit the "echo" construct in both cases.

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