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Thread: Concerns and issues

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    Concerns and issues

    I purchased and my invoice states ClassiPress 3.1.2. I bought it on the understanding that it worked and that support was available. Now I find that there is no tangible statement from support as to what issues are being addressed and the time frame involved.

    I find however that 3.1.2 is not yet a stable release and that it cannot load on xampp local host server. I would have thought that testing would have shown this.

    version will load on xampp after a fashion, but sufficiently to allow some site development to take place.

    On reading through the forum I find that support from within the organisation is limited and that there appears to be a gap between the development team and the support function.

    I wonder for example how many users are running live ClassPress 3.1.2 sites?

    xampp is used extensively as you know for developing websites off line. I note that the appthemes founder uses it.

    If a version is not suitable for local server development then it would be useful to state that.

    Finally this apptheme product is the company's responsibility,the user's can and do support you in this but the buck stops with you. I can see the potential in the product and I guess you can too but without user sales where are you? Get closer to your customers.

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