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Thread: CP on SSL problems

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    CP on SSL problems

    Has anyone tried using SSL on ClassiPress? I got a certificate from Godaddy and installed it on my server, then I followed the WP codex instructions on using SSL for WP. Namely, I set the FORCE_ADMIN_SSL constant to true in wp-config.php. Then I installed the plugin called WordPress HTTPS to control which WP pages are to be rendered in https (the Add New page, the Edit Profile page, etc).

    After doing all these settings, I logged out of WordPress, and I couldn't log back in anymore. CP captures wp-login.php, right? Well, after logging in, CP keeps bringing me back to the login page, although I notice I've already been logged in, because I could in fact access my CP dashboard, edit my profile, etc. But I could not access the WP dashboard.

    Any thoughts?

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