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Thread: creating tag field in form layout

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    creating tag field in form layout

    I am using classipress theme for an estate agent website.
    What I want to do is set up a compulsory user-defined field in the form layout with a meta field "tags_input" in order to create tags her as well (like in the tags field).
    Why? I would like to add "Verkauf" (sale) and "Miete" (rent) in the Navigation (see, so with the tags, the client could filter according to sale and rent in the navigation (not only in "search".
    What I have already tried: I sort of "copied" the user-defined field "tags", but obviously this is only doubled now in the data-base without the desired effect.

    I am not sure if my description is too clear, but I hope, if you have a look at my website navigation, you see what I am trying to do.
    Thanks a lot

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