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Thread: Help! fustrated user!

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    Help! fustrated user!

    I have a problem, I am new to using this theme and I have to say I am getting rather frustrated trying to make it work. Can someone please tell me how I can delete everything and start over???? I had problems with pages that were updating in other places (when logged in) but not in other places (when not logged in as a user you were seeing completely different pages), when I thought I had fixes those problems, other problems seem to arise. Now when you click on the “post an ad” button on the site, you get the following error message. Somehow it seems to be directing to a wrong page. Add-new-confirm instead of add-new. I have no idea how to correct this. I have done so much on this and have run across numerous problems. I feel like to should ask for my money back but am willing to give it another try. I have deleted the theme and re-installed it 2 times, every time I reinstall it, It seems to have saved the old problems instead of starting over!!

    An Error Has Occurred
    This ad has already been published or you do not have permission to activate this ad. Please contact the site admin if you are experiencing any issues.

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