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Thread: Quite A Few Problems To Fix

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    Quite A Few Problems To Fix

    I have just installed the latest version (3.5.3) and I am getting a great deal of problems with the site. I have tried to find a direct answer to my problems on the forum but I am not seeing any solutions that rectify the problem.

    My site is My Pet Finder | Buy and Sell Pets Online | Pups For Sale | Kittens For SaleMy Pet Finder

    Issue 1: At the bottom of the homepage I am getting 3 of the same post showing under the just listed, popular, random tabs. Shouldn't these posts show under their correct tab and not all at once?

    Issue 2: The text is not correctly aligned on these ads and have been aligned "under" the image section. This is of course only a problem where the ad are showing an excerpt. I have done as told and changed that setting to normal width but it made no change.

    Issue 3: I have attempted to mod the code with the help of some of the tutorials to ensure that a "$" symbol will not be shown in case a customer puts it in anyways. But alas I am seeing a double "$$" before the price tags.

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