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Thread: Searchbar fields misaligned

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    Searchbar fields misaligned

    I just added a bunch of categories and subcategories. After, I noticed that the search fields on front page somehow got misaligned. I suspect it's due to a long category name, thus widening the field categoryselection in the search bar on top. I would consider this a bug since there should be restriction to the length of a category name to avoid this alignement, or other measures should have been in place to avoid this.

    One way to do it gracefully could be this:
    Category Field is only widening to fit the tree from its default size when you actually click on it to see the category tree. That would be better than restricting the length of the category name, since you can't take into account the with of the actual tree

    How can this be fixed/patched so the fields are not misaligned?

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