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Thread: "Site Admin has blocked your access to the back-office"

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    "Site Admin has blocked your access to the back-office"

    I have read through similar threads with this error message (screen grab attached)IMG_1203.jpgIMG_1203.jpg, but none of the solutions helped. I am getting this message only if trying to 'post an ad' from an iPhone. I do not get the error when posting from desktop or iPad. I read this thread ( and tried the solution pepsi suggested to disable the feature: "In the ClassiPress admin settings > "Security Settings", has anyone tried disabling the feature? There is a help note next to it which recommends the "admin only" option - however it states to select "disabled" if you are having any issues."

    That did work, but now all, including contributors have access to the entire admin/backend. I have the most recent version of CP installed.
    Many thanks in advance!

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