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Thread: This software is falling short.

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    This software is falling short.

    I have a couple issues with this software I am finding very hard to make it work. I had a decent userbase when I switched from the other software I was using, cant remeber the name now. No one is posting, everytime I tried to add something to try keep all the bloody spammers away from the site, it would clash with the software and would not allow members to post. By the time I figured out this was happing close to a month passed. How the heck can I keep the spammers from registering and posting their spam. Also when are you going to impliment a more advanced system for people to find what and where they are looking for. i have a site for canada but its not broken down into the Provinces, why would anyone want to post?

    Am I wasting my time with this product, should I be looking for a better solution?

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