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Thread: The strangest thing? ClassiPress + local (MAMP) MultiSite install = invisible theme

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    The strangest thing? ClassiPress + local (MAMP) MultiSite install = invisible theme

    I have a local MultiSite Network setup via MAMP where I play/prod/break code before sending stuff live. I'm using domain mapping also and nearly everything works perfectly. WP auto-updates require a single setting swap, but it still works great; as do plugin search & installs. The only thing I've can't do is theme uploads (via WP Admin). But because the setup is a local server (my computer) I can simply dump the theme into the "wp-themes" folder on my computer and it works exactly the same. Except for ClassiPress?

    I have ClassiPress (v3.0.5.4) theme folder unzipped in my local wp-themes folder, but it simply will not show up in WP ADmin > Network > Themes? So I cannot see it to activate it.

    Any ideas? Job Roller works fine, as do all the other 50+ themes I've got in my local MultiSite Network.

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