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Thread: Where are these functions please

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    Where are these functions please

    Whilst waiting for a response from developers via Dimitris, I am posting this very specific question in the hope of a very specific answer. It is very simple. Please do not respond to this just to add your interest, because the moderators and support staff will simply think it is being taken care of because someone has responded.

    There are two options in the Admin area that appear to have absolutely no effect, and no corresponding code in the files. The first is the option to search blog posts and pages. The second is the option to have an email sent out to users just before, or as, their membership pack expires.

    Please can someone from App Themes point me to the files and the line numbers where:

    1. The search code corresponding to the search option is located.
    2. The email corresponding to the expired membership pack email is located.

    I am therefore not asking for any complex support with resolving the fact that neither of these options are working for me. Simply asking someone familiar with the code to highlight where it is.

    I am grateful to Dimitirs for being currently on the job of finding out about this, particularly as I raised point number 1 almost a year ago.

    Just the file names, and the line number for the search code and the email, niether of which I can find, thereby leading me to believe that in fact, despite the existence of the option, the code does not exist, hence it does not work.

    Many thanks.

    Again, please do not respond to this unless you have a definitive answer, otherwise I will either have to irritate people by re-posting the same question, or wait another year.

    Thank you.

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