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Thread: Very Stupid mistake in Clipper theme, is there any way to fix it?

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    Very Stupid mistake in Clipper theme, is there any way to fix it?


    i just purchased clipper theme, and wanted to add a featured image for the coupon i wanted to add

    But there is no option to add a featured image for my coupon

    instead your theme provides the default Store image

    That is very very bad,

    since many coupons and deals are provided only on product, not on the whole website's store page

    therefore it is necessary to add the product image not the website image

    So, every time i share different products, i will have to add same Store image

    that is stupid mistake made in the clipper theme

    For this theme bug, i can not use this theme

    And you guys said you don't provide refund!

    Now it is very very bad experience buying your product Appthemes

    can you provide any SOLUTION?

    Then let me know


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