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Thread: Add page to dashboard via filter doesn't work

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    Add page to dashboard via filter doesn't work

    Hi! I'm using this code to add page to dashboard
    PHP Code:
    add_filter'hrb_dashboard_pages''add_ele_page_to_dashboard',99 );

     * Додати вкладку ЕО в кабінеті
     * @param array $permalinks
     * @return array
    function add_ele_page_to_dashboard( array $permalinks ): array {
    $permalinks[] = array(
    'ele' => array(
    'name'      => __'Electronic legal entities''hirebee-child' ),
    'permalink' => 'ele',


    I've also added this page to dashboard by rewriting sidebar-dashboard.php

    After this I go to permalinks settings section in Wordpress and press update, however when I try to open new dashboard page it says page not found. When I open the parent theme and insert new tab directly in hrb_dashboard_pages function and update permalink structure page new page begin to load. Can you help so I don't have to make this change to parent theme

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