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Thread: Ads in archive/front page listings

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    Ads in archive/front page listings

    Hey all,

    I was just wondering if you had a built in way to place advertisements inside the posts loop. err... so they show up between job listings at a certain interval. If not it's cool. I know how to do it. Just don't want to have to keep up with code if I don't have to.

    Front page Example:

    Life Guard Ft. Lauderdale Jul10
    American Leisure – Posted by AmLz
    Life Saver Los Algodones Jul11
    Mexican Leisure – Posted by MeLz
    Caddy Palm Springs Jul12
    American Luser – Posted by AmLuzr
    >>> !!Google Adsense Spot Right Here!! <<<
    Playmate Chicago Jul12
    Playdude – Posted by Dude
    Major Tom Huston Jul09
    Rocket Science – Posted by Sci

    Crud, I forgot what else I was going to ask......

    WP v3.2.1
    JR v1.4.2


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