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Thread: Problem with the top panel link

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    Problem with the top panel link


    So I have just purchased and started using the JobRoller theme. I had an old mysql database and I moved all the old users from the old database to the new one. This went without problems. The question is that when I log in with a old account or even with just created jobseeker/employer account it always shows the black panel on top of the site. And there is the link "Edit My Profile" under the Howdy, *username* and that link points into the
    admin area, even though I'm not logged in as an admin.

    In the old system we had different database tables for jobseekers and employers but in the wordpress there is only one table called wp_users.

    Is there anyway to completely hide the top panel? Because I think it's currently thinking that every registered user is admin? Tt does not let everyone else besides the admin into the admin area (which is good), but the link for users should point into their profile.

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