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    Mirror site

    Hi there, I'm wondering if there is any way to set up a mirror site. Here's what I want.

    I have site A. It's a niche market. Small, local, more involved posts/pages but will have a directory of xyz products. I want to also have site B. It will be a national directory of the same xyz products without the small, local info. The products are obviously national, so will work on both site A and site B. I'd need info/log-ins/listings/payment to be combined into one directory with two urls (or one url with a mirror) ( A and www.siteb. And, the goal would be that folks would sign in, create one listing, get both the local listing and the national listing. Since the reviews are proving the hardest thing to get on my site, ultimately, the reviews from site A would be reflected on site B as well.


    Thanks for any insight.

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