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Thread: Recurring payment did not recur the listing

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    Recurring payment did not recur the listing

    Well this is a little disappointing. I have a one year recurring plan and some of my paid clients have hit their one year mark. Here are 2 things that did not happen.

    1) Although the payment recurred from PayPal the listing did not recur automatically. This was the big issue I was going on about regarding the IPN for a multisite. I had to find the pending order and mark it as completed. I did not expect to have to do this manually.

    2) Those clients that had purchased a one year listing with a month of being featured on the homepage did not have their listing reset to featured on the homepage. I also had to manually add the featured option for another 30 days.

    I was told these things are supposed to be automatic when the payment recurred. Am I mistaken? Do I need to manually mark the payment as complete each time the payment recurs?

    Refer to:

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