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Thread: Gonna Launch Micro Job site soon

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    Gonna Launch Micro Job site soon

    Hi guys need some feedback. Im gonna launch this micro job site soon. Its a website for Freelancers to post what they can do for $5-$25. Its called Werkk

    My site users are able to invoice their customers using FreshBooks so that I do not need to have a holding period like you have with other micro job portals. If they need to get paid today then they get paid today simple as that! Freshbooks allow you to send an invoice to your customers and they have the option to pay you with PayPal. I also created a custom field on the forms layout to be able to embed your own paypal button when you create a listing if the freelancer chooses to go that route.

    Its gonna be free to join and anyone can register. I will be charging for 30 day listings and I do not take a percentage from the freelancers profits. I only charge up front to list and they can make sales on that same listing 100 times with in that 30 day period if they could. This way they make more & keep more. After 30 days I'm hoping they will list again.

    Anyone interested in having the freelancer do some work for them all they would have to do is request an invoice through the contact form on the right of every ad. A freelancer using Freshbooks can even send an invoice on the go using their iphone. This way they do not miss a sale being a way from their computers.

    Its just a simple concept and not too fancy. It you guys want to try and see the back end of a dashboard you can at Werkk. If you want to post use "freegigs" as your coupon code.

    I can really use your guys input so that I can improove it a bit. Thanks guys.

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    how fresh book will be integrated

    i mean im also developing my micro job site with fiverr script, how i can integrate fresh books on the site.

    My site name is


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