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    Simply Responsive Forum Guide

    Hello all, I just want to give you some guidance on how to properly use this child theme's forum.

    First off, please remember this forum is for issues specifically relating to installation & set-up and any bug fixing for this child theme ONLY. It is not a forum for reporting bugs or other issues relating to the main Classipress theme. Please read through the Troubleshooting Process guide. It is there to assist you with any issues you may encounter.

    You may report any bugs that are not specific to this child theme in the Report ClassiPress Bugs section of the forum.

    If you need help setting up and using Classipress, please post in the Help Using Classipress section, where an appthemes moderator will answer your questions.

    To assist you appthemes have written up a few tutorials to help you set-up your Classipress website. Please take your time and read through these documents and go through the tutorials. For easy access please click HERE.

    Browse through the tutorial list starting HERE.

    There are documents and tutorials for help with:

    Getting Started
    • Frequently Asked Questions about ClassiPress
    • Installing WordPress Best explained on the site.
    • Uploading the Theme

    • Configuring ClassiPress
    • Setting up the Sidebars and Footer
    • Setting up Ad Categories
    • Creating Custom Fields and Forms
    • How to Setup Ad Banners
    • Setting Up Advanced Search
    • Setting up Payments in ClassiPress 3.3
    • Setting up PayPal IPN

    • Creating a Classified Ad
    • Creating and Using Ad Packs
    • Setting Up Membership Packs
    • Creating and Using Coupon Codes

    Additional Tutorials
    • Creating a Blog Post
    • Add a Contact Page with a Form
    • Multiple Currencies for Ad Items
    • How to Upload/Import Very Large Files
    • How to Auto Post to Social Networks

    Classipress comes with a classipress.pot file and this child theme comes with a simply-responsive.pot file, both of which will help you translate your website into a multitude of other languages.

    For help and guidance on how to translate your website see HERE. If you still require help translating your classipress.pot file and creating your .mo files using poEdit, please seek help from the moderators in the Help Using Classipress section.

    If you require help with installation & setup of this child theme and help with any bug fixing (relating to this child theme only), please post inside this forum. I would urge you to please read though all the threads that have already been posted first. You may find your question has already been answered.

    Always start a NEW thread with a question that is not related to the original thread starters question. Quite simply put, do not ask a different question to the one that was originally asked. It makes it very difficult for anyone else to find answers to those questions and cause people to duplicate the question again. Thank you.

    Installation and bug fixing support for this child theme is free of charge and always available in this forum. Should you require customization then please email me for a quote.

    If you require help customising your theme, plugins, or want to add new features and functions not already included to your website, then please post them in the ClassiPress General Discussion section, where you will get help from other members of the community who all share a wealth of knowledge and experience. If you do not get any help, it may be because you are asking for something that people can't help you with. In which case, you will need to ask elsewhere.

    There are a number of Appthemes Partners and Community Service Providers (at bottom of page) available for hire for customazation work. You can find them HERE

    Alternatively, you can use one of many sites available on the internet to hire your own freelancer to help you.
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