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Thread: Category Text Display - It needs to be fixed.

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    Category Text Display - It needs to be fixed.

    Hi there guys.
    I hope you are all well.

    I am really sorry to say but this small issue have such a big impact in my eyes whenever I am browsing my website. I have reinstalled a fresh copy of Classipress with Ultraclassifieds and the problem is still there and it looks very amateur or a joke for someone that browse a phone or a tablet. It is about this issue:

    piicture 1.jpg

    Both - iPad and iPhones are not dealing well with this issue. I do not know about android. But please fix it cause it looks really bad when you want to build a brand but having text issue on your website.

    I don't believe am the only one affected.

    Have a good day and inspiration to fix this issue

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