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Thread: Is anyone out there using touchslider?

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    Is anyone out there using touchslider?

    When I first purchased Vantage and set it up on a site a little over a year ago, I paid for and installed Touchslider. There was one update, but I don't see it in the marketplace and I don't think its supported any longer.

    I've been holding off updating to 3.1 til it looks like most the bugs are worked out and still not convinced I want to try it quite yet even though I'm anxious for the recurring payments option (although I've been able to work around not having it). I don't have a lot of customization but do use child theme, paid listings, custom forms and a few other features including touchslider. I use the touchslider carousel for featured listings (at top of listing search pages) and it works pretty well. I'm concerned about everything breaking if I update. Will attempt it soon but just wondering if anyone else is using touchslider and if it still works with vantage 3.1?


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