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Thread: Custom Post type & Extending Vantage

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    Custom Post type & Extending Vantage

    I am trying to make child theme of Vantage theme. Vantage theme by default allows two post types: Business listing & events, however I'd like to add another one "Add stock for sale" with the same checkout process that is followed by the default post types. I believe I'm supposed to use the the payment API for the same.

    There are files in vantage theme vantage/includes/events/views-checkout.php and vantage/includes/events/views.php in which classes are defined for Events. I think i'll have to define those type of classes for my new custom post type however, I'm finding it difficult at the moment because of lack of documentation for the same. Is it possible for you to share some example of code that would allow me to do the same.

    I'm a developer and any hint or help would give me a kickstart to proceed further.

    Mayank (Developer working for Carley)

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