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Thread: Events Navigator Control Redirects to Home Page

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    Events Navigator Control Redirects to Home Page

    Summary: From the /events/ page, when a user clicks on the the Events navigation control, they are redirected (301) to the home page.

    We are using Vantage theme for healthcare education providers (Listings) and healthcare education events (Events). We have a static home page with no content, only

    The Web site is
    The events directory is
    The link in the date controller is http://advancehealthcareeducationdir...s/day/2016-08/. This returns a 301 redirect to the home page.

    I have duplicated the set up on my development machine and turned off ALL plugins and turned off the child theme we use on the main site. but it has the same behavior. Unfortunately, my development instance is behind a firewall and not publicly accessible.

    I have been stepping through the code and can follow what's happening. It happens when template-load.php does the 'template_redirect' action and the redirect_canonical() function is called from canonical.php. (This is all core functionality.) The redirect is triggered as a result of the following clause in the nested if:

    } elseif ( is_page() && !is_feed() && 'page' == get_option('show_on_front') && get_queried_object_id() == get_option('page_on_front') && ! $redirect_url ) {

    WordPress 4.5.2, Vantage theme 3.0.1.

    Any ideas what we are doing wrong? Thanks.

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