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    Smile Listings Pending

    The listing goes into pending and if ok the admin approves it.

    However if the situation arises whereby the listing is not suitable for whatever reason we would need to dispatch an e-mail informing why. We know the author of the listing however clicking on author doesn't take us anywhere, we would have expected this to a least taken us to the users details but more useful their e-mail. That way we could then dispatch an e-mail explaining why the listing had been rejected. Having to manually go back into users and then search through seems like a very antiquated way to dispatch an e-mail regarding a listers listing.

    This also goes for generally being able to keep in touch with a user, having the e-mail with the listing allows you to clarify anything about that listing. So should there be an occasion in the future to possible warn a user or notify a user everything could be done from the back end. Would imagine finding users e-mails in 30k listings will be fun

    Just an idea (Ideas Exchange again) why not add the users e-mail to the e-mail that admin receives to notify them that a listing is pending.

    On the lines of
    A new listing is awaiting moderation you can view the listing here My Business

    To Review this listing please log into your account at Review pending listings
    If My Business does not meet your acceptable policy send an e-mail

    Anyone care to point me in the direction of where all this takes place so I can have a look to see if I can work something out

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