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Thread: Need expert help!!

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    Need expert help!!

    I hate being referred to forums when I need help so if I post in the wrong place do not be offended!

    I purchased vantage theme and currently have the updated version of it plus the locations plugin, I have a developer that has created a child theme to provide me with the look I require so the theme layout has been edited alot to suit my needs. Please note I am not a developer I am a business owner but I do know about redirects and many other website/seo etc.

    First some background before my question: I have an exisiting website using a custom CMS not owned by me and I need to delete this website and change servers and CMS however the current website has 526 indexed pages on google and about 60 key words on page one. The existing website is structured not only in categories and products but also cities/regions relative to my country good old little New Zealand. These ranked pages on the current site have URLs that state the category and the location however the current site only allows a listing snippets with contact details for each so the URL would actually show up to 10 business listings on that page.

    The upgraded version we are working on using Vantage as our starting point allows me to control the CMS however my customers will be able place more information in their ads including longer text photo gallery and we can set up a url releative to the business effectively taking our 500 pages to more than 2000.


    1, I need to be able to create multiple locations using individual URLS, or in other words effectively copying the existing URLS. Currently the location feature in Vantage and the plugin sets up tags for the listing I need it to be more than just a tag

    2, I want to be able to place a location and category drop down list from the current search box but still keep the search ability

    3, Hopefully understanding our customers will help to answer this question, we have mainly 5 types of customers A) a retail/shop that advertises in a single region and single category B) a retail/mobile shop that advertises in multi categories usually one location C) A retail shop that advertises in all locations under one category offering online sales outside their actual location and instore in their location. D) A chain store in multi location usually one category E) a Distributer selling a product listed in one category but all locations with where to buy

    SEO is better when creating individual listings relative to the location even if the advertiser is pushing online sales, as mentioned above we have several businesses that want to advertise their service in all or some of the locations in New Zealand and by creating an individual page for each location we can tweak the SEO to rank without having duplicated content. Our current website allows a duplicated listing but the URL is relative to the location so it ranks Here is the challenge! if a client claims their listing they will have to create a login to monitor every locations listing. I really want to have a client manage their own listings under one login.

    4, google analytics, currently we use this to monitor the view and click results for all our listings this is of great benefit and even though the account was set up by the current company they are willing to remove their admin control and hand over full contrull to me so that I can cerry over this data, what needs to be done to add this to each listing? please remember I am not a developer

    I need help and I want to talk to people that are expert with this theme and developing the child theme or what ever its called to suit my needs, I am happy to pay for the right person to help with the job it is rather urgent. I would prefer personal contact away from forums

    Kind regards

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