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Thread: Page with map of listings?

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    Page with map of listings?


    'sme again.

    one, i hope easy to answer, question for you guys.

    is it possible to set up a page with the map, showing all the listings with pins? like it is possible on the homepage? i looked through the documentation but couldn't find anything like that. is there an easy, quick way to do that? like some line of code or something? or a shortcode or template i place in the page when i publish it?

    the same for events. if it is possible for listings, it should be possible for events, too? right? that is, if it is possible at all.

    i dont really know how to spell that out, sorry. i hope you know what i mean. i just want to have the map on a page, and then be able to put a link in the main menu to that page. like this i have more space on the index page, and the map separate.


    thx for your time,

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