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Thread: Updating registration to collect email as well

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    Updating registration to collect email as well

    Hi there,

    I'm most of the way through modifying Vantage for a client, and I have one last request: I need to collect the email address for use on the listing page.

    Now, when a new user registers an email is required, and this is used to create the wordpress user. However it seems that the UID that wordpress assigns is different than how vantage stores its own users and so I don't know how to link the wordpress UID to the vantage UID.

    For example, in single-listing.php I use the following code to get at the email address:

    $user_info = get_userdata($posts[0]->post_author);
    $email = $user_info->user_email;
    Tis works because the user that made the listing/post is the user whose listing /post is being displayed. But this does not work on a search results listing. I get the default wordpress admin email in that case.

    So I need a way to modify the registration form to add the collection of an email address. I tried using the built-in Custom Forms under listings but that is a pretty opaque feature. It also doesn't have the existing sign-up form listed which leads me to believe I'm looking in the wrong place. there an easy way to do this seemingly simple task?


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