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Thread: This Is Why Wrapper.php Makes No Sense At All ...

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    This Is Why Wrapper.php Makes No Sense At All ...


    Working with the Vantage theme I'm forced to working with the wrapper.php file that is introduced for the intention to reduce code duplication.

    I've been reading the reasoning behind the introduction of the wrapper.php file, but I really don't see the need for it.
    Is it really necessary to take these measures just to prevent including a few extra template calls in a template?

    1: <?php get_header(); ?>
    2: <?php get_sidebar(); ?>
    3: <?php get_footer(); ?>

    This is a classic case of finding a solution for a problem that does not exist.
    It only makes things worse for the purpose for what it is originally introduced for.

    It makes things worse because now you need to create different wrapper files if you want to customize other templates.
    As the original wrapper.php file brings in code you many not want to include for your custom template.

    This creates truly unneeded code duplication, more files to work with.

    Is it really that much of a problem for developers to include a couple of lines of code such as <?php get_header(); ?>, <?php get_footer(); ?> or <?php get_sidebar(); ?> in a template?

    Sorry guys I do not see the logic behind this, I may be alone with this opinion because I fail to see the true advantage of using wrapper files.

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