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Thread: ClassiPress 3.3 ~ Text Widget & Unattached Image in Media Library

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    ClassiPress 3.3 ~ Text Widget & Unattached Image in Media Library

    I have an unattached image in my Media Library.

    This is the image name: Sample_Ad_239_157.jpg
    It is 239 x 157 pixels in dimension

    I want to insert this image into my Text Widget area where I have already inserted email and a URL

    I used this code: <img src="Sample_Ad_239_157.jpg"> But the image does not appear.

    If that is the wrong code and or I have to attach the image to somehwere first, please let me know.
    I think that widget area is 250 pixels wide. Thank you

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    Sorry, but your request has (again) not much to do with "Help Using ClassiPress"

    Please post your customization threads in the "ClassiPress General Discussions" or (even better in this case) the "WordPress General Discussion" area.

    Here some help to get you started:

    and here:

    and here:

    I'm moving this thread to the "WordPress General Discussion" area.

    Rolf Hassel (Samcy)

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